A distortion by Pastor Ed Young

I will never dis you.  I will never turn my back on you.  I will never misrepresent you.  I am with you, Lord.”  Jesus looked at him and said, “Simon Peter, you are going to lie about me several times over the next few hours.”  The New Testament describes Simon Peter as a person who began to follow Jesus at a distance.  I like when the Bible articulates that.  He kept some land between himself and the Lord, and we always get in trouble when we follow Jesus at a distance.  That night a little girl asked this man, “Hey, aren’t you connected with Jesus?  Aren’t you kind of hanging out with Him?  Aren’t you one of His followers?”  Three times he lied.  He felt the flames, didn’t he?  He felt the fire.  The fire escape lie.

We also get into rubber band lying.  We stretch and elongate things.  We embellish when telling that story at the party or on the platform.  When it is not really going that good, you do the rubber band thing and add some octane to it.  The problem with stretching and elongating and embellishing things, one day, pop, it will hurt you.

In Galatians 1:7, the Bible talks about the danger of distorting the gospel.  Back in Biblical times a lot of false religions stretched and did the rubber band thing with Christ and with the word of God just like the Mormons do today, or the Jehovah Witnesses, or the Scientologists and others.  They are cults.  They are false religions.  And these cults and false religions pour what I call an out-of-context cocktail.

Ed Young Creative Pastor – They mix a little bit of truth in with a little bit of error.  They mix in a little bit of falsification and misrepresentation in and stir it over the rocks.  And a lot of people drink it and believe it.  But it is a lie, a distortion.

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