A Fabulous Experience by Pastor Ed Young


Five years ago Lisa and I went to Korea on a mission trip.  We had a fabulous experience and we really developed a love for Korean food.  We traveled through the countryside of Korea, and got to see Korea the way most people don’t see it, on the back roads, going to public schools and speaking and doing mission work, etc.  I was able to attempt conversation with the Korean faculty and the Korean students.  But guess what?  You know, I don’t speak Korean.  They didn’t speak “American”, and I got to a point of frustration two or three times, cause I would be speaking and talking and sharing the Lord with them and I wanted to talk and speak their language, but I couldn’t do it.

And they just kind of looked at me, smiling, with kind of a blank stare, and I am sure they thought I was an idiot.  But talking louder didn’t help, you know how you do when the other person doesn’t understand what you are saying.  Our children, and if you have three kids, or four kids like me, or five kids or eight kids, our children all speak a specific language and they want to receive and understand a specific love language from their parents.  And I highly recommend Gary Smalley’s books on this topic.  What love language to you speak, Moms and Dads?

Ed Young will give you another little test.  How many of you are huggers?  You don’t want to say it, but you just hug when you express love.  Raise your hands.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could move all of you like on the front three or four rows and let you just have a hugathon, just hug and hug and hug.

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