A prayer journal by Pastor Ed Young

Ed:  This guy is good, isn’t he?  Go ahead Adam.

Adam:  I do my devotional and then also I keep a journal. It’s a prayer journal, writing down my prayers.  Basically it’s just whatever I have up here and putting it down on paper.  You know, what I want from God, what I need to thank him for, just the stuff that’s going on in my life.  You can see how it grows and develops and how you’ve grown and the things that He has blessed you with and what he’s answered.  It’s just a really cool thing and a really great way to grow.

Lisa:  And Adam, didn’t you write some study lessons out of your quiet time?

Adam: Well, there are so many programs in the Sr. High and the one that they have on Sunday mornings is the Foundry.

Ed:  What time is that?

Adam:  I believe it is at 10:00 now and that’s for Sr. High students.  You can go to that and it’s just more intense than Wednesday night.  It’s more like intense worship and stuff like that.  Dan Barnes, one of the pastors in the Sr. High, challenged anybody who felt like they wanted to, to write a devotional or something and they were going to try and put a book together for us to read.  So I ended up writing one and he liked it and then I had to go up and talk in front of everybody and that was kind of nerve racking.  But…

Ed:    Yeah, it is kind of nerve racking.

Adam:  But now I’m here in front of thousands of people so…

Lisa:  But isn’t it cool that here you have such an example. I mean we tend to look at our young people and think, “Well you know, what can come out of those years where there is so much turmoil and things going on?”  Their lives change and I mean the productivity of a 19 year old.

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