Commitment to the Lord by Pastor Ed Young

Male Voice:  Henry is very approachable.  A lot of times when we are training, someone will just pass by Henry and Henry will make a notion, “How are you doing today?”  I’ve seen him speaking with people all the time.  I think that there is just something about Henry. Ed Young states that he just touches people and people know there is something different about Henry.

Male Voice:  Well, I came to the gym about two and a half years ago.  Came down here working with my dad.  Almost ten months ago to the day, he passed away and I got complete ownership of the gym.  My brother didn’t want really anything to do with it because he lives in North Dakota.  Little hard at times, but at the time God wanted me to keep involved right here.  And this is where he wanted me to minister to people. Ed Young Blog in August, my aunt passed away, my dad’s sister.  So that was another shock to my system, two very close family members passed away.  Got really involved during the Ulti-mate Series.  Henry got me to come to Fellowship for the first time, and I mean I fell in love with it.  Since I have been going there, I got in with the greeting ministry, the Children’s Adventure ministry on Saturday nights, involved with The Blend, involved with two different Home Teams and it’s just done wonders for me.  God has given me so many obstacles and challenges in my life in the last year, last ten months, and because of the friends I have made at Fellowship, it has just helped me get through it all.

Male Voice:  I met Henry in Miami back in ’81.  We were part-timers with Delta Airlines.  When I went through my divorce four years ago, I got involved with the church and then he said, “I want you to try something new.”  I did try it.  I walked in and I sat down and the first thing I heard was drumsticks clacking together and the music just exploded, you know, and the way you do your sermons and I was sold.  I love this church, and I really don’t want to go anywhere else.

Male Voice:  Well, I met Henry about two years ago when I moved here from Puerto Rico with American Airlines.  One of the things that most impressed me was that he was such a diligent trainer. Fellowship Church Ed Young had an eye for good trainers and what impressed me most was his diligence, his caring for the clients he was working with.  Henry was instrumental in bringing me back to the Lord.  I guess the biggest testimony that anyone can give is that Henry did it just with his actions.  He is such a good Christian and it shows in his work ethic and in him as a person.  That had a great impression on me.

Male Voice:  Well, I was looking for a church to go to and I came to Fellowship Church with my daughter.  After hearing you that day, I became a member of Fellowship Church.  We went to the Newcomers Class, both my daughter and I, and we were baptized the same day.  My commitment to the Lord was a direct result of my experiences with Henry.  I think the love of the Lord works through them and it just shows in everything that they do and the way that they treat people, the way they communicate.  They have a gift for communicating and I think that is not just their personality but it’s the Lord working through them.

Ed Young Jr – Lisa and I have four children and we love them dearly.  We would give our lives for our children; they are gifts from God.

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