Gen Next by Pastor Ed Young

You know what happened to me the other day? It was kind of crazy. I was speaking at a conference.  It was about two months ago, in fact, and while I was at the conference I met this guy and we were just talking and he said, “Hey Ed, can I borrow your pen?” Now, for most people that is not a big question, I mean, that’s not a big deal.  But for me, it is pretty major because I love pens.

I’m a frustrated artist.  I majored in the fine arts.  I collect pens.  I don’t like to give my pens to other people to use.  I am just kind of weird about the pens.  So he asked me, “Hey, can I borrow your pen?”  So begrudgingly, I took the pen out of my briefcase and gave it to him.

I had kind of this white knuckle grip on the pen.  He took the pen and began to write with it.  And I was thinking to myself, “He is bearing down too hard.”  Then, he put the cap back on the pen and looked at me and he said, “This is a nice pen.”  I heard a little voice inside of me say, “Give him the pen.  Give him the pen.”  And I said to the little voice, “No, I like the pen.  I need the pen.  I have to write with the pen.”

So I took the pen away from him, put it in my briefcase in a special slot reserved for my special pens, closed my briefcase, and went on throughout the day.  Well, that night in the hotel room I was thinking, “You know what? I should have given the guy the pen.  I mean, what’s a pen? Yeah, it’s an expensive pen.  The pen cost like 90‑something dollars.  I should have given him the pen.  I should have blessed the guy with the pen, but I said, ‘No.’ ”

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