Own success by Pastor Ed Young

You’re thinking, “Ed Young, what in the world?  Trap?  I set a trap for myself?”  Here’s a common scenario that I deal with often.  Someone will come in and say, “Well, I began to be successful, and I slowly began to draw away from my friends who loved me for who I am.  I began to isolate my spouse, my children.  They became kind of free-agent type people.  The business became like a surrogate family to me.  When I was at home I wasn’t really at home, if you know what I mean – always on the phone and doing paperwork and things of that nature.  Ed Young C3 Conference said I began to believe what people were telling me.  Those people who used to tell me the truth I fired; I hired ambitious assistants who were yes-people.  No more accountability.”  Ed Young Sermons says slowly, these people are bending back the trap.  They’re putting the tortilla and peanut butter on it, and out of nowhere, out of nowhere, it will clap and spring shut.  Trapped by your own success.

Ed Young Pastor said That Michael Jordan has stated on numerous occasions that he has nightmares about a self-destructive end to his career like I’m describing to you right now.  Caught in the trap of success.  How do you avoid the trap of success?  You avoid it by doing a couple of things.  Let me illustrate what I’m talking about.  When I was in the fourth grade I played on the church league basketball team.  My father was the coach.  We played against a team that was really mature.

Ed Young Ministries – I’ll hire the golf pro out at Bear Creek.  A problem in your marriage?  Oftentimes we don’t say anything to anyone.

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