The Children Christian by Pastor Ed Young

It is contemporary.  They have this minister.  He is a pretty good speaker.  Five crosses for the Fellowship Church.”

ED:  I don’t necessarily agree with everything D Magazine says, but I appreciate the article.

TORY:  We came.  The first Sunday we came it was at MacArthur High School, and Randy Draper was the speaker.  We thought he was the minister they were talking about in the article because he was so good.  We decided to keep going back, and we kept going back and back and back.  I will let Steve pick it up there.

STEVE:  Well, as Tory said, I was raised Jewish.  I was actually raised by a single, loving mother who although born Jewish, did not attend a synagogue.  She taught me very much what was right and wrong in life, but she didn’t necessarily tie it to the Bible or anything like that.  When Tory and I were getting married, I did agree to raise the children Christian, but it was easy for me to do partly because of my upbringing and also because I had no true understanding of Christianity.

Ed Young Pastor stated that when Tory said it was time to start going to church, I happily went along.  I had read the D Magazine article also, but nevertheless, I was struck from the moment we pulled up by the greeters and the people in the parking lot.  They had a big impact even before we got inside.

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