Thing with God by Pastor Ed Young

That’s interesting and as you look through Scripture, too, there’s a power in this whole financial thing, in this whole transaction thing with God. We see it in Genesis. We see it throughout the New Testament, this transaction, this business stuff. Everything’s about finances. Jesus talked more about money than he talked about Heaven or Hell.  Eighteen of the 38 parables are all about money. Jesus was always talking about money. God is talking about money a lot. Why? Well, God knew that I would struggle with it. He knew you would struggle with it. There’s something about something that’s tangible that kind of messes us up. It kind of freaks us out.

Jesus said one day in Matthew 6: 21, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”  Wow! Where your treasure is that’s where my heart’s going to be. So God’s saying, Ed okay you say you trust me. You say you don’t lean on your own understanding. You say you acknowledge me in your ways, show me the money. Show me the money. And throughout Scripture we see the power of this principle. We see the power of God’s portion. Later on it was called the tithe.

What does “tithe” mean? “Tithe” means “tent.” Tent. Everything I make or you make should be brought where? To the house of worship. We are not giving. I hope you know I’m not talking about giving. I am not talking about giving. I’m talking about bringing. The Bible says we’re to bring the tithe, God’s portion, to where? The local house of worship. That’s what we’re to do. And it’s interesting to see how many blessings are tied into this whole tithing thing.

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