Vision + Leaders + Commitment by Pastor Ed Young

So, again, check out God’s addition.  You’ve got vision plus leaders. Let’s add something else, commitment.  You can talk about leaders and you can talk about vision—those things are good.  Leaders carry out vision. Ed Young Ministries that they are intertwined like peanut butter and jelly or chips and hot sauce.  That’s cool.  But you’ve also got to talk about commitment, because it takes a commitment by the leaders to the vision.  It’s the commitment to reach up, reach out and reach in that really puts wheels beneath what God is doing when he wants to add and do something awesome like he has done, and is doing, and will do at Fellowship Church.  Commitment.

I’ll tell you something I’ve never told anybody publicly before.  I might have said this, though, at our Creative Church Conference for pastors. But let me go ahead and tell you.

At Fellowship we began to reach up, and out and in and we began to really flesh out the vision.  But I was really ignorant as a senior pastor.  I didn’t know a couple of things that I just found these things out this past week when we had several pastors from Florida shadow us in a leadership training thing. And one of the pastors, Ron, specializes in training pastors on how to start churches and we were talking about Fellowship Church.  And I was telling him what I was going to talk about this weekend and he said, “Ed Young Pastor, I don’t know if you know this or not, but 80% of churches that start up, fail in the first year.  They have to close the doors.”  Wow!

I told him, “Ron, I didn’t know that 13 years ago.  Thanks for telling me.”

Eighty percent! That’s a lot.  Think about how a church is started and after twelve months, boom!  Eighty percent of the people say, “See ya!”

Ed Young  – Make sure this couple will not blab, will not talk, make sure they can keep this between themselves and you and your spouse.  Don’t tell your mother-in-law about it, your father-in-law about it.


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