We exist for God by Pastor Ed Young

Also wanna meet, I want you to meet Adhonai.  Adhonai.  This word Adhonai has to do with dominion.  Its much easier for us to call God El Shaddai to pour forth than it is to call him Adhonai, dominion.  The implications of, of this name, Adhonai, has to do with, with, ugh, dominion.  It has to do with stewardship; it has to do with management.  In other words, this name carries forth with it that God owns it all, thus I’m not an owner.  I am a manager.

Now let that settle in.  I’m not an owner; I’m a manager.  Some of you walked in here today thinking you have stuff.  You don’t have jack!  You don’t own anything.  I’ve done a lot of funerals and I’ve never seen a U-Haul trailer behind a hearse.  It’s not gonna happen.  (audience laughter)  When you clock out, it’s just you, baby.  Yeah, but how about this or that?  You don’t have a thing.  Now here’s what’s so funny.

People spend all this time trying to stack up all the stuff.  And that’s cool if you have stuff, but, but what’s the meaning of life?  To do deals and die?  Is that it?  I recreate, propriate, and then clock out?  That’s, that’s the meaning of life?  The meaning of life is to worship.  God does not exist for us, we exist for God.  We can’t make God do what we want; we are a mirror of his majesty.

Everything we do, say, touch and feel should be an act of worship.  How we manage our stuff, our tangible stuff, and how we manage our stuff, our intangible stuff matters to God.  How you steward and how I steward my gifts and abilities and aptitudes; how you steward and I steward my money, and my home, and cars and all that stuff, that matters to God.

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