Living the life by Pastor Ed Young

And suddenly, I am talking about out of nowhere, for no rhyme or reason—in fact I was talking to my brother about this situation last night. He said, “Ed I can’t talk about it because it makes me angry.” But out of nowhere in the middle of this big game the coach benched me. […]

A prayer journal by Pastor Ed Young

Ed: This guy is good, isn’t he? Go ahead Adam.

Adam: I do my devotional and then also I keep a journal. It’s a prayer journal, writing down my prayers. Basically it’s just whatever I have up here and putting it down on paper. You know, what I want from God, what I need […]

Real affirmation by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young Pastor keep things confidential. Do we have any radio free listeners? Do you betray a confidence? Are you able to keep a secret to the grave? If you have messed up on this one, if you have shared that dirty laundry, go back to the person and say, “I want to speak […]

Own success by Pastor Ed Young

You’re thinking, “Ed Young, what in the world? Trap? I set a trap for myself?” Here’s a common scenario that I deal with often. Someone will come in and say, “Well, I began to be successful, and I slowly began to draw away from my friends who loved me for who I am. I […]

Spread the word of Jesus Christ by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young Blog said That is what the shepherds did. The shepherds did not become poets, priests and politicians. Verse 20. “Then the shepherds went back again to their fields and flocks praising God for the visit of the angels because they had seen the child just as the angel had told them.”

According […]

Vision + Leaders + Commitment by Pastor Ed Young

So, again, check out God’s addition. You’ve got vision plus leaders. Let’s add something else, commitment. You can talk about leaders and you can talk about vision—those things are good. Leaders carry out vision. Ed Young Ministries that they are intertwined like peanut butter and jelly or chips and hot sauce. That’s cool. But […]

A Time To Chill by Pastor Ed Young

It is the week of Thanksgiving and you are dreading the trip home because you know the moment that you walk through the front door well-meaning relatives will start a full frontal assault on your marital status. They will ask you questions like, “Are you dating anyone, yet?” “Jenny is engaged. Ed Young Church […]

The Good Shepherd To Pour His Oil by Pastor Ed Young

Snakes are spooky, aren’t they? You never know where they will turn up. Memorial Day, Lisa and I and the children were out doing some yard work. I love yard work. Ed Young Church I was putting some stuff in an outdoor storage closet. Lisa was about ten feet away pulling some weeds. We […]

The Family Of God by Pastor Ed Young

You know, I love to fish. Ed Young the Bible says and Christ commanded us to become fishers of men and women. Now when I fish, one of the things that I do is sharpen my hooks. Over the last several years, I have gotten into tying flies. If you are really good at […]

Greatness That God Wants by Pastor Ed Young

Realize your problem. That’s the first part of the process.

The second part of the process is “criticize.” Criticize yourself. Sometimes I just criticize Ed. I just rip Ed apart. Not in a mean way, but I just criticize myself. Ed Young Church it’s good to do that. Also, open yourselves up to constructive […]