The Children Christian by Pastor Ed Young

It is contemporary. They have this minister. He is a pretty good speaker. Five crosses for the Fellowship Church.”

ED: I don’t necessarily agree with everything D Magazine says, but I appreciate the article.

TORY: We came. The first Sunday we came it was at MacArthur High School, and Randy Draper was the speaker. […]

A Huge Decision by Pastor Ed Young

But I really hadn’t kept my part of the bargain. Then God spoke to me through a letter I received from my grandmother. In our family, God speaks through Nanna Carney.

ED: God does have a way of using those grandparents.

TORY: The letter was simple, but there was one sentence that gave me […]

Bless us with a Child by Pastor Ed Young

I want to introduce you to another couple. They have an interesting lifeline rescue story. Tory and Steve Levine. Would you guys kind of share with us what is going on in your life and what God has done.

TORY: And how we got here?

ED: Sure.

TORY: Well, I grew up in rural […]

Parenting Skills in the Future by Pastor Ed Young

We knew that we needed that third cord to make it work. We went around the Metroplex with another couple—a church here, a church there, every Sunday something different. Nothing felt quite right until we came to the Fellowship Church. We walked in and it was wonderful.

ED: I appreciate that. We have a […]

A Fabulous Experience by Pastor Ed Young


Five years ago Lisa and I went to Korea on a mission trip. We had a fabulous experience and we really developed a love for Korean food. We traveled through the countryside of Korea, and got to see Korea the way most people don’t see it, on the back roads, going to public […]

The Ministry of This Church by Pastor Ed Young


Check it out on the side screens. Here’s what He said. [Deuteronomy 8:17-18] “You may say to yourself, ‘My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me.’ But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms […]

God’s Blessing of Jesus Christ by Pastor Ed young


And we want you to be a part of the zone. We want you to realize that God created you and that God loves you, and that God sent his Son to die for you, and that God wants to bless you. And so many of you for the first time have just […]

The Hospital Sign by Pastor Ed Young

You follow the next sign — the “hospital” sign. [Ed reveals the “hospital” sign on stage] Isn’t it comforting to know that 24/7, if you are sick, injured or don’t feel well, that there is a trained staff in hospitals to help you, to bring you back to health. You can just take the […]

Christian Counselor by Pastor Ed Young

When I got into college, I had my first serious relationship with a guy. We were together for three years and had talked about getting married. When we broke up, I was devastated. I thought I had finally found someone to fill that void in my life, only to be let down. From that […]

God is always telling us to apologize to someone by Pastor Ed Young

We will go through God’s word and obey those nice verses that are good and fine and holy and pure. But when something begins to ease into our vocabulary, or begins to press against the wall as regards honesty, or begins to talk about our lustful thought life or our materialistic nature, we just […]