By the grace of God by Pastor Ed Young

I have improved in this area by the grace of God, and because I spend time with Him daily, and am sensitive to the elbowing of the Holy Spirit. Are you saying yes to your spouse? Are you saying yes to your kids? How about it parents?

Are you most concerned about setting sale […]

Commitment by Pastor Ed Young

But I felt nudge and when I couldn’t stand it any more, I said, “Lisa, I am sorry. I was totally wrong and I want to apologize to you Laurie, to you Landra, to you EJ, and to you Lee Beth.

I said a hurtful thing to your Mom and I was wrong. These […]

We exist for God by Pastor Ed Young

Also wanna meet, I want you to meet Adhonai. Adhonai. This word Adhonai has to do with dominion. Its much easier for us to call God El Shaddai to pour forth than it is to call him Adhonai, dominion. The implications of, of this name, Adhonai, has to do with, with, ugh, dominion. It […]

Following Jesus by Pastor Ed Young

No. A personal relationship is what I try to communicate. And also, I try to communicate the implications of that of following Jesus. I say following Christ is like marriage. You say, “I do,” and you don’t realize the implications of that decision until later on. I’ve been married for almost 25 years and […]

Gen Next by Pastor Ed Young

You know what happened to me the other day? It was kind of crazy. I was speaking at a conference. It was about two months ago, in fact, and while I was at the conference I met this guy and we were just talking and he said, “Hey Ed, can I borrow your pen?” […]

Taking Hold by Pastor Ed Young

How many of you know what a gar is? A gar fish? You know, a fish with giant teeth?

ILLUS: Friday, I went fishing for a gar and a friend of mine hooked a big one. This gar was right under 6 feet long. So I grabbed the gar’s bill with these gloves and […]

Sweep It by Pastor Ed Young

God’s way works. When we begin to tithe, and I don’t care how far in debt you are, God will supernaturally show up and bless you and give you the discipline to live by a plan. So bring it.

Sweep It

The second one is, sweep it. Do that with me. Sweep it. Start […]

Thing with God by Pastor Ed Young

That’s interesting and as you look through Scripture, too, there’s a power in this whole financial thing, in this whole transaction thing with God. We see it in Genesis. We see it throughout the New Testament, this transaction, this business stuff. Everything’s about finances. Jesus talked more about money than he talked about Heaven […]

Living the life by Pastor Ed Young

And suddenly, I am talking about out of nowhere, for no rhyme or reason—in fact I was talking to my brother about this situation last night. He said, “Ed I can’t talk about it because it makes me angry.” But out of nowhere in the middle of this big game the coach benched me. […]

A prayer journal by Pastor Ed Young

Ed: This guy is good, isn’t he? Go ahead Adam.

Adam: I do my devotional and then also I keep a journal. It’s a prayer journal, writing down my prayers. Basically it’s just whatever I have up here and putting it down on paper. You know, what I want from God, what I need […]